Your Lifestyle And Hypertension (Part 2)

Let's go a little quantitative and slightly medical for a while. When you visit your doctor or any legally recognized health practitioner, taking your blood pressure is one of the basic examinations to be performed. And afterwards, they usually scribble some j… Lire la suite

Your Lifestyle and Hypertension (Part 1)

Hypertension is a chronic (long term) medical condition which is characterized by a persistent increase in the blood pressure in our arteries. This is why it is also called High Blood Pressure (HBP). We may have come across it in many literatures being referred to… Lire la suite

Top 10 Golf Errors and How to Fix Them

Golf is a complex challenge sport, a game of trial and error, and players make mistakes from time to time. For amateurs and untrained eyes, playing golf is as easy as placing the ball and hitting it with all one’s strength. Sometimes the power swing ends up ruini… Lire la suite

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